Maybe you are looking at your business bottom line and you’ve made a profit. Wait! Before you celebrate consider using a portion of that money for a chamber membership.

Why a chamber membership, you ask? Several reasons: Networking Opportunities, Business promotions, not to mention assistance with getting your name out there, and lastly, it’s affordable.

Now you’re thinking about joining LCMC, but you’re still on the fence about whether you should use that money to join or have that celebration. Hmmm, after all is it worth it to join a local chamber in the age social media?

It’s important to remember your business and your local target audience. So, ask yourself: Are you looking to grow your business locally and build relationships within your community? Or, promote online to a zillion people that may never purchase from you because of the online competition? If you’ve answered yes to the first question, the Liberty County Minority Chamber is for you.

What is the Liberty County Minority Chamber of Commerce?

Great question! We are a group of businessmen and women that’s dedicated to protecting and promoting the minority business community in Liberty County. What’s our mission? To provide our minority business community a strong network while helping sustain revenue. Translation: We help you grow!

Great balls of fire! How do I join?

Skedaddle down this page to our Membership Application link. There you can complete your membership application, choose your membership level, and pay your membership fees all online. Yep, it’s just that simple.

Now, let’s celebrate!

Author: Bee