Types of Certifications offered to small minority and/or women owned businesses.


Minority-owned Business Enterprise – MBE
51% owned, controlled, and managed by a minority (Asian-American, African-American, Native-American, or Hispanic)


Woman-owned Business Enterprise – WBE 51% owned, controlled, and managed by a woman


Minority-owned – Woman-owned – MBE/WBE 51% owned, controlled, and managed by a minority woman


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise – DBE
51% owned, controlled, and managed by a socially economically disadvantaged individual who’s personal net worth does not exceed $1.3 million


** The City, County, and LCDA recognizes Certifications from State, and Federal entities that meet the UCP certification standards.**


Contract Compliance
The compliance division of Strategic Biz Solutions Unlimited is responsible for reviewing, monitoring, and tracking M/WBE participation on City, County, and LCDA procurements throughout all phases of the project.


Our TEAM reviews solicitations, sets project goals, collaborates with Project Managers to help identify scopes of work on projects, and verifies compliance plan information submitted by Bidders/Proposers.

After the solicitation is awarded our TEAM continues to monitor and assess compliance by conducting site audits, reviewing payment requests, facilitating performance/payment issues, and determining final compliance with the program.


To receive information on bidding opportunities:
Send your email address to: delisa@strategicbusiness.comcastbiz.net or you can send a message via our website at www.strategicbiz.co