Good, better, best.  Never ever rest,

until your good is better, and your

better is best.”

Sabrina newby

Message from the president

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Liberty County Minority Chamber of Commerce (LCMC). As President of the LCMC, I look forward to working with you and enhancing your footprint in Liberty County economy. The LCMC was organized to create and promote a climate throughout Liberty County, where minority and women-owned businesses can operate in a productive and profitable manner. As a business owner I know all too well how difficult it is for minority owned businesses to prosper without the proper access to the necessary tools and network. Our businesses and jobs are at a disadvantage in the current climate of this market. More specifically, minority owned and operated businesses have taken the brunt force of these tough economic times. It’s time to make a change in our communities by creating programs that lower unemployment, increase consumer confidence and provide greater opportunities for growth. As President of the LCMC, I invite you to work by my side to empower, strengthen and rebuild our communities and economy.

Under the leadership of the Corporate Roundtable and my office, the LCMC will be the voice for the minority business owners in our county. We will work daily to enhance the opportunities for established and newer businesses in our community. Lastly, we will be successful in our efforts to bring change throughout our county. Thank you for visiting with us. I encourage you to become a member and join us on this journey.


 Sabrina Newby