We have received your payment for the !st Natural Products EXPO.

Please  complete this application. We need to know what type of business you will be vending.

Thank you.

First Natural Products Expo Vending Application EXPO Date - Saturday, June 10, 2017

  • Festival & Expo Terms & Conditions: Payment signifies I have read the contract and agree to abide by said rules. In addition, I expressly release Liberty County Minority Chamber (LCMC) and members thereof, sponsors, executives, agents, officers and/or employees from damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may rise from the rental and occupation of said space or the participant in this festival by the vendor. I also agree to hold the producer and owners of the event site harmless of any loss, injury or damage by reason thereof. I further agree that no employment is created by this contract. If this application is accepted, I give permission to use the slides and any other material submitted for publicity purposes. Application to this show constitutes vendor agreement of this release. Terms and ConditionsCONTRACT FOR FESTIVAL /EXPO 1. All product to be displayed in the space as indicated.. If an additional booth is needed there will be an additional full booth fee. 2. I will not sublet or share booth space nor act as a dealer for other craftsmen or manufacturers. 3. I understand the promoter reserves the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any exhibitor who misrepresents himself or his subject. 4. All display materials will be fireproof. 5. I understand that sales signs are prohibited and that I must store excess stock out of sight, and I agree to abide by move-in and move-out regulations as stipulated by the promoter. Setup is between 45min to an hour before the event- no later. I further agree to remain setup for the duration of the festival. (No breaking down early). Breakdown of vendor space no later than 45min to an hour after the event, no later. 6. Vendor application will be accepted in the order received. Vendor slot is not held unless paid in advance. My enclosed non-refundable cash, money order or PayPal payment represents a commitment to the show. Once accepted. I understand if I fail to appear one hour before the show opening I forfeit my right to be a vendor without refund or recourse. Under any circumstance, NO refunds. 7. I will not hold LCMC and or any associated sponsors, executives, agents, officers and/or employees liable for failure to perform or fulfill its contractual obligations or the promoter, entertainers, owner or managers of the festival site of fairgrounds responsible for loss or damage of exhibitors’ wares, exhibits, or personal property or for loss or injury caused by projects sold or exhibited by exhibitors directly through warranty express or implied. Insurance for such loss, damages or injury will be my sole responsibility. 8. If my money order or PayPal payment is returned, due to insufficient funds, I agree to replace it with a money order or PayPal payment and a service fee or forfeit my spot at the show. All signed applications balances are due prior to the show. 9. It is agreed, LCMC executives reserve the right to amend and/or add to the applicable rules pertaining to and governing this festival at any time prior to the commencement of said festival. Additions or amendments will be circulated to vendors in writing. The interpretation of all rules by the promoters shall be final. 10. Late comers can be denied entry without refund. 11. No Entertainment of your own is allowed on the premises without the permission of the event organizers or promoters. 12. Health Permits- All food vendors must obtain and have available for inspection during Taste of Liberty a valid Liberty County Health Permit and follow the procedures for temporary food service. The Liberty County Health Department may attend Taste of Liberty to check on vendors concerning the compliance in appropriate food handling. Please register with the Liberty County Health Department and contact them for additional information regarding these permits at 912‐368‐ 5520 at 1113 East Oglethorpe Highway, Hinesville, GA 31313. Contact Yvette Steele at 912 368 5520 . Power – Electricity – Supplies Vendors are responsible for supplying their own electricity, water, ice and coolers for the event. Fire extinguishers are required for food vendors. Vendors must use “whisper” type generators. Food vendors must supply their own coolers. Prohibitions No vendor shall consume or have in his or her possession any alcohol and or illegal or controlled substance. Sales Tax You are required to collect 6% sales tax and report that to the Georgia Department of Revenue within 30 days after the event. 13. I have read, filled out and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. Envirnomental Health Department Information form Food Vendors: http://www.gachd.org/liberty_county_food_service_pe/